Hippocratic Law was established under the first principle of physician ethics to put the needs of its physician clients ahead of its own. While physicians serve patients in medical need, we serve the legal needs of the physician community.

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Generational asset transfer is the greatest act of love that you can provide for your family and your children. It allows for you to plan for the continued care for the people in your life far into the future, providing them with healthcare, education, housing, investments and security.
  • Estate Planning is more than just a Will In fact, having just a will can make the government an unintended beneficiary. Learn why your will cannot transfer all of your assets, even if it explicitly says that it does.
  • Add a Trust Trusts aren’t just for rich people, they are available to everyone. Learn how a spendthrift trust can prevent creating a “trust fund child”.
  • Planning for the Unexpected What happens if you become medically incapacitated? Estate planning is preparing for all possibilities, not just the death of you and your spouse.
  • The biggest impediment to having an estate plan is simply procrastination Get started today and you can be done in just a few weeks.
  • If you’re a 1099 worker, you may be missing out on valuable tax and investment advantages of incorporating. But doctors are not allowed to use LLCs or normal corporations in California.
  • Find the best way to incorporate and the best way to set yourself up. Get all the benefits, avoid the risks
  • Unsure of your ability to understand or negotiate your contract? If it’s your first time or your fifth time, let an expert step in and review your contract against hundreds of others.
  • It’s not just “boiler plate” language or legalese It’s a binding document and there are often key areas in which you can make small adjustments in order to not put your license or your credit at risk.
  • Little things CAN matter Anti-Stark Law provisions, indemnification clauses, arbitration agreements and tail versus nose malpractice coverage. Don’t guess. Get it right.
When you are ready to take the next step and open your own medical group, we’re here to help you every step of the way
  • Designing the partnership agreements and buy back arrangements
  • Leasing office space and equipment
  • Employee and independent contractor classifications
  • Setting up E&O insurance
Ryan has practiced law since 2007 and has a business background that spans private equity, investment banking, securities investing as well as real estate investment management. Ryan now focuses his attention on the needs of physicians to assist them in negotiating better employment contracts, establishing professional corporations for 1099 workers and estate planning for generational asset transfer and protection. He would like to grow his own practice alongside the needs of yours.

Ryan brings his considerable suite of skills to create holistic solutions that work for you, your practice and your family. Ryan holds a B.A. from UCLA, a combined JD/MBA from Emory University and is admitted to practice law in both CA and NY.

Outside of the office, Ryan is an avid outdoor sportsman that enjoys canyoneering, hiking, standup paddle boarding and surfing.
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